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About the character

Name: Emma-Marie Payton Priest (Emma or Em for short)
Age: 19
Hometown: Battle, East Sussex, England and New York, New York USA
Student/Staff/Townie: Student
Year if student: Freshman
Major or subject taught: Fashion Design
Clubs and sports involved in:
Housing (Dorms, Greek Row, Off Campus, may choose single or double): Double room in dorms
PB: Grace Holley
Interests: Fashion, boys, modeling, acting, trying to get her career off the ground, family, the beach,cooking drawing and clothing design.
Characteristics, traits and personality:Friendly, dedicated, feminine, flirty, funny
General Personality- Despite being raised by a very overly emotional mother and grandmother, Emma-Marie for the most part is able to control her temper. Of course everyone has their angry moments, and sometimes the true redhead inside of her takes over, that isn't usually the case. Generally more relaxed and mellow Emma, just wants to live her life and have everyone else go on with theirs She is friendly and sincere both on and off the camera, with a great sense of humor. A sense of humor that can sometimes bring about a good prank on her fellow class-mates. She shares a personality much more similar to that of her grandfather, being rather jolly if not mischievous until she is really pushed.

Though not quite as much of a laker as her 6'0” mother, Emma is still quite a bit taller than your average woman, especially for her age, something that tends to garner quite a bit of attention. Most of which came in somewhat rude and unkind name calling like 'Big Bird'. Another physical quality that sometimes makes Emma stick out is her long, ginger hair, that is a trademark in her family, among her mother and grandmother. Emma however has hazel eyes like her grandfather's side of the family. She has a trim and athletic build and enjoys sports, but she isn't what one would consider a jock or tomboy never being interested in playing anything competitively. In fact she is quite feminine and dresses as such, her makeup is usually worn very natural and soft and her clothing is always comfortable and girly, unless she is of course about to do a runway show. She has pale skin, with peachy undertones, a rather full mouth and rounded, dainty, but not buttoned nose. She is highly interested in both fashion and makeup trends, even though she doesn't tend to use them herself in her day to day life, she is always certain to include them in her designs, of personally on special occasions.
Brief history and background: Emma's history truly began almost 40 years ago when her grandparents first met. Oliver Priest, famed musician as well as babyfaced bad boy, had just moved to the states from England for peace and quiet. Recovering from mental exhaustion, as well as the classic Rockstar lifestyle of, drinking, smoking, using drugs and partying in excess the last thing that had been on his mind the night when he stepped into that little cafe in Rhode Island, had been love. But the owner's beautiful daughter had served up more than just a cup of coffee that evening. And soon the charming singer, and the red-haired barista had began on the long, winding and wild road that would be their romance. When full of drama, violence (Kaylyn tended to be physically aggressive toward her husband when she felt wronged) and even a long separation.

From that turbulent relationship came Emma's mother, Olivia. A fiery and often short tempered tomboy, with an edgy style and funky beauty. Olivia had a drive for sports, cars and boys, as well as her father's pension for living life to the fullest, in complete excess. At the age of ten, when her parents slip up, spunky Livie decided she wanted to stay in England with her father, spending her summers touring with his band. It was this exposure to the music world that led to Livie's desire to open her record label after college, leading to Emma's birth. After a brief affair with one of her artists Olivia became pregnant, but deciding to raise her daughter alone, she never told her former flame he has a child, and Emma still has know idea who her father is.

Fame and fortune seems to follow the Priest family wherever they go, and the Emma-Marie the third generation of the family doesn't seem to be any different. The world caught its first glimpse of Emma-Marie when she appeared as a fresh faced five year old, in one of her grandfather's music videos. That exposure began a life long love of Hollywood, due to which Emma began trying to make a name for herself in the industry, mostly in the fashion world. After a brief stint on the runways of Milan as a model, the hazel eyed girl realized that her passion was more in designing clothes than walking a runway showing them off. However, she was unable to find any major labels willing to take her seriously at her young age and she needed to come up with a way to get her designs out there for the world to see, so she decided to enroll at the Abernathy Institute, hoping it would garner some respect.

Emma certainly doesn't want to succeed on the shoulders of her relatives which is why she chose to enroll in a fashion school in the States. Despite her mother, owning a large loft in the Time Square area, to be close to her New York office of English Rose Inc. (her record label) when in the country, Emma chose to live on campus rather than staying in the big city and taking the subway in to school. She is doing her best to live like any other college student. Any other college student that is afraid to be the first person in three generations to fail at achieving their dreams.


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Emma-Marie Payton Priest

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